Weekly flashback

Read, not too much this week – just a few first pages of a new book.
Photgraphed, on the beautiful countryside at first snow, and at the Ruhrtal in the early early morning. And I learned that the daily way to work can be lots of fun, only by intentionally enjoying it, willingly leaving the freeway and taking the indirect route. I’m definitiely planning on doing this once in a while in the future 🙂

Tested, die Glossybox. A surprise box for the adult children. It contains selected beauty products and is released once a month. I read about it time and again and just wanted to test it for myself now. In the course of the week I will give a sneek peek whats been in there. 🙂

Run, three times this week, and only 23km, again. Why is it only so hard to run on saturdays? I’ll go on tryin’. X-)

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