Vancouver, Impressions

Recently I got the opportunity to visit Vancouver for some days. Vancouver really is a beautiful city, at least in the area around downtown and Stanley Park, which is all I could visit in those few days. Vancouver is a coastal seaport city located in the east of Canada. Downtown and Stanley Park are nearly completely surrounded by water.

Stanley Park is close to the center of Downtown. If you can bring yourself to go jogging early in the morning you gotta head to the seawall of Stanley Park, which leads completely around Stanley Park, always right next to the water. And early in the morning it is still quiet and unpeopled.


Early in the morning on the Seawall at Stanley Park


Stanley Park and the Skyline of Vancouver viewed from the Lionsgate Bridge

If you do the complete round you’ll end up with this beautiful sight of the skyline of Vancouver:


Skyline von Vancouver

Vancouver has one huge sailboat marina and yacht harbour.


Sailboat marina

But what i found even more exciting were the waterplanes at Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre


Waterplanes at Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre


Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre at sunset

What you really gotta do when visiting Vancouver is going up the Vancouver Lookout. And if you go by day you can return for sunset since the tickets are valid the whole day.


View from Vancouver Lookout


View from Vancouver Lookout

And, of course, endlessly walking the Streets of Vancouver downtown. Every street in Vancouver has its own charme.


Granview Street at Sunset

And simply because there is so much to see that you can’t reach by foot in short time you can rent a bike at Stanley Park. And since even this is not enough to see all the things I’d love to see I’ll have to go back some day, with more time in my baggage 😀

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