Now that spring is finally knocking on the door it is time to start growing little plants from seeds. This time we are going big. Priorily we had some pots on the balkony, now we have a total of 50 sq ft available in our new garden 😀
Okay, it is big for us – for a vegetable and herbal garden it is probably pretty small X-D. So first of all we went to a local book store and searched for books about gardening.
We ended up with the following two books:
The book “Square Foot Gardening” presents a concept about how to plant multiple things on little space. The main idea is to create little patches that are divided by a grid. This results in multiple litte sqares with an edge length of about 1.3 ft. More information about this concept can be found on this and this page.
We are planing to start with two big patches of 4 ft * 5.2 ft, with 3*4 squares each. They will have a varied panting with vegetables, salad and herbs. I’m really excited how this project will develop during the year and of course present the results on this blog 🙂

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