Project:Garden – ready to go

Speaking of our gardening project, we’ve been busy the last days. We bought boards for the raised bed, soil and seeds and made plans about what to sow where. The raised beds have been assembled and most of the squares are planted. Lot’s of things to do for the beginning.

We started with making plans about what to sow where. We chose the vegetables and salads we wanted and, with the help of the book about herbal gardens, tried to complement them with herbs. Our resulting plan looked approximately like this:
Knowing which seeds we needed we bought them and prepared our raised beds…

Beete   Saatgut

… and started sowing. Cheerfully just started with the seeds we grabbed first by chance. This went well, for a while. Just until having a conversation like:

“Did you sow the broccoli here already?” – “Here? No why, I put it over there” – “Huh? It should’ve gone here??” – “Oh, so you meant that plan the other way round??”

So this turned out to be a little chaotic X-), this is why the plan I mentioned is only approximately the thing we planned and hopefully the thing we did 😀
By the way, the vegetables marked red have to be forced inside first. Next thing to do 🙂

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