Notebook with leather cover

It is done, at last! It really took me some time working on this notebook.
The leather, that joins the front with back of the book cover, made me some trouble, since i wasn’t sure about the width of the body of the book before hand. So I left the back of the cover undone till all signatures were sewn. If I had to do this book again, I would do this definitely anyhow different. X-D
Notebook with Leather Cover
For this book, I was given some specifications I wanted to comply. It should open flat, it should be fastenable, have two bookmarkers aaand if possible should show some denim.
Notebook with Leather Cover
Check. 🙂 I used a variation of the coptic binding, so the book opens absolutely flat.

Notebook with Leather Cover      Notebook with Leather Cover

The book markers are glued to the leather cover. And for the fastening I used braided elastics that match the colors of the book markers and the signatures.
Notebook with Leather Cover
By the way, the book is 10,5 by 15 cm. All in all I’m pretty content. But if I had to make this book again, I would try to incorporate a magnetic fastener instead of the elastics :o)

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