More nerdy notebooks

The first nerdy notebook I made came out really nice and I absolutely wanted to try that concertina back in combination with the coptic binding so i started another notebook rightaway. I really liked how this one came out, too. With the concertina back the book doesn’t look so ‘loose’ and i also love that pop of contrasting color.

Then i started another one, this time with buttons as decoration and also for the closure. Additionaly, for this book, the paper for the concertina was that long, that it was long enough as an endpaper.

And another one, for this one I used gold foil as decoration. The inside of the boards, as well as the endpapers and the back of the book are all in lemon yellow.

I’m still wondering which one i like most, think i like’em all. What do you think of them? 🙂

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