Creating with leather – a little experiment

I already told you about my search for tutorials on leather mosaics, inlaid works with leather or any other way to embellish leather for a book cover. Since my search was rather unsuccessful I started my own experiment on how this might be done.

For my first experiment on leathermosaics I started with a piece of leather (with a thickness of 0.5mm). With some dispersion glue I glued it to a fitting piece of packing paper. Then I drew my pattern onto the paper and cut the pieces apart. Some of the pieces I dyed with red ink.
After all the pieces being well dried, I tried to make the piece fit together again and glued them to a piece of cardboard. For this step I used a mixture of half dispersion glue, half wallpaper paste, since the dispersion glue seemed to be too chewy. Then I pressed this thingy for some hours.
Because of me being really curious I tested how this piece would react to my soldering iron..
My résumé:
The red ink worked very well on the leather, this definitely stays an option.

As you can see on the pictures, I mixed up the pieces a little, so the pieces didn’t fit as good as they should’ve. If I hadn’t glued the packing paper to it, it might have been a bit more flexible so I might have worked this out. But I think, for a next try I should definitely tend to a simpler pattern. This would also simplify the glueing process. Since the leather got stains where glue touched the top.

Using the soldering iron on the leather didn’t turn out as a good idea at all. Especially not for the cutting edges, since instead of sealing it opened them. (Sadly this is not so good to recognize in the picture).

At those place where the pieces fit and I didn’t touch it with glue where I shouldn’t, the cutting edges are that perfect you don’t even feel them. And as long as you don’t scratch the edges with your nails it seems to be stable.

So I think this definitely looks promising and will be followed by additional experiments.