Impressions from Budapest

Budapest is the capital city, and likewise the largest city of hungary. Additionally it’s the 9th largest city of the EU, says wikipedia. And the most beautiful, I say. 🙂

But instead of lots of words rather some pictures 🙂

Blick über Budapest

View from the Gellert Hill along the Danube with the Chainbridge and the Parliament

Lanchíd és István Templom, Budapest

View from the Buda Castle onto the Chainbridge and the St. Stephens Church

Budapest bei Nacht und Regen

Same view at night with some rain 🙂

Lánchíd, Budapest

The chainbridge at night, with the fisherman’s bastion and the Matthias Church in the background

Halászbástya és Mátyás Templom, Budapest

Matthias church and fisherman’s bastion on the castle hill

Halászbástya, Budapest

The fisherman’s bastion

Halászbástya, Budapest

fisherman’s bastion and a statue of King Stephan I.

Mátyás Templom, Budapest

The Matthias church

Országház, Budapest

The Parliament at the riverside of the danube..

Országház, Budapest

… is very impressing …

Országház, Budapest

… and beautiful at any time.

Budai Vár, Budapest

From the freedombridge you have a beautiful sight of Buda Castle

Szabadsághíd, Budapest

But the freedombridge itself is very beautiful, too

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