When sunday comes

Searched for tutorials on how to do leather mosaics, inlaid works with leather or any other way to embellish leather for a book cover, but sadly rather unsuccessful. So when anybody of you knows a little more and would be willing to share i would be really happy to hear from you 🙂
Well, for the moment i have some ideas to experiment on. And I’m going to tell you my results later on 😀
Watched, the first episode of GNTM. But I think the best was the teaser for the nex episode, because one tiny scene looked like Kristian Schuller might be the photograph for the next episodes shooting. For me, his shooting is the highlight of each season 😀

Photographed at Dawn in the Ruhrtal, sadly the early morning fog i hoped for was not to be seen.
Enjoyed, the beautiful start of this week with lots of sun and the fact that the days are getting longer again. The former one must have been to good to stay, but fortunately the days are still becoming longer X-D
Run, for times a week and 30km in total. yeah. Did it. Goal for next week: do it again 🙂
Have a nice sunday!

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