When sunday comes #8

Read, Pretty little things by Jilliane Hoffman. Soooooo sadly, at the moment there is no further sequel to the C. J. Townsend series. So i helped myself out with this one and it’s at least as thrilling as the other novels. And, to mention the best: it got a real end. I mean the C.J. Townsend novels were also all self-contained, but every book had these one or two sentencences right before the end that let you know that something is still coming up here. Not with this book. So relaxing. Nonetheless I started the next book immediately X-D.
Meanwhile I got a whole little stack of books by Jilliane Hoffman. Five at total, unfortunately she has only written five books so far, so I think i gotta try to gear down so that this last book lasts longer X-)
Photographed, some beautiful pictures. Spring. But I’m still struggling with those b+w pics for the Challenge of the month
Crafted, little. And I can’t show anything of it since it’s going to be a birthday surprise 🙂

Sadly, seen a little too late, this cool project at Müllerin Art. Hopefully there will be another project starting for summer, maybe i can join then. In the meantime i thought about printing some postcards anyway and sending real analog mail to some friends X-D

But for now I’m going to enjoy this wonderful sunshiny day. Have a nice sunday!!

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