When sunday comes #7

This week I was on vacation, but instead of having so much time for all my crafting-projects the week appeared to be even shorter than normally X-D

Experimented nonetheless, with multicolored linoleum printing.
PhotoGrid6 My first experiments were so much fun and came out pretty good so I wanted to try something more complicated. A three-colored little birdie, which actually appeared to be really complicated to do X-D

Visited, the ‘Creativa’ in Dortmund. And I’m really impressed about it’s size, I didn’t expect it to be that large. And with so much beautiful stuff at hand I took the opportunity to grab some really beautiful papers and one piece of cotton cloth with an owl print. I already had some ideas for some new projects when I saw them and I’m already looking forward to starting those projects X-D

Enjoyed, that lone sunny day this week. With rollerblades at the lake. Why aren’t all days just like this?

I wish you a nice sunday and hopefully a sunny start into the next week! 🙂

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