When sunday comes #11

Played, Hearthstone. Blizzard has been diligent sending ad-mails for some new game, that I ignored deliberately. Somehow I don’t feel like playing computergames lately. Weeelll, and then I saw it on playstore as an app for the iPad and, I gotta admit, I got curious X-D And now I have to say, this really is fun 😀

Photographed, okay played. With the multiple exposure function of my camera. Funny. But I think I still have to learn how to poperly use this X-D

Listened to ABBA.

Crafted. Little. Well I finished that Notebook that I worked on for so long. The next projects are already at hand but I didn’t make a start on them.

Run, 3 times this week. But the day is still young 🙂 and I’m still optimistic – my 30km are still doable :-D. Goal for next week: 30 km in 4 workouts.

Have a nice sunday! 🙂

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