Photo Challenge #3

New game, new luck 🙂
FotoChallenge003It’s been a while since my first try on black & white photography. Back then I just bought a black & white film, put it in my camera and just started taking photographs.
That did not really work out. I mean, yes my Photographs were black & white X-D, but in my eyes they were just photographs lacking color.
Well I tried it again every now and then, and by now I learned that you have to think about what you’re photographing, and how you do it instead of just starting and taking pictures. And why you chose black and white for this subject. Meanwhile I think that black and white is a (not easy, but) nice way to take really expressive pictures.
You guess it? 🙂 The topic this month is: black & white.

Now for the rules:

  • The challenge starts today and ends march, 31th.
  • It is open to everybody who likes to join
  • Pictures submitted have to have some bearing on the topic
  • There is nothing to win here apart from the fun and the triumph of having done something creative 🙂
  • Everbody who wants to join just send me a link to your Foto via mail oder comment.

So, lots of fun to all of you who’d like to join me in this 😀

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