How to build a diaper cake

Since some of our friends had additions to their family lately, we were looking for a nice little present we could bring on the birth. My first thought was actually a diaper cake. I don’t know how i hit on this idea, probably seen once, loved it and *plop* here was it again. 🙂
So this was my first opportunity to give it a try and build one. Okay, at first just one – and then a second one only two weeks later. And since it was some fiddling on the first try and much easier on the second i’d like to share here what i learned.

For one diaper cake you’ll need:

  • 2 Packages of Diapers á 26 Pieces (definitely no less)
  • a piece of cardboard, ca. 20*20cm
  • a tall bottle, i.e Baby-Shampoo
  • A plushie as Cake-Topper and diverse little things as decoration
  • Gift ribbon, about 5m
  • Foil wrapping
  • Lots of elastic bands!!
  • And a stapler

Here we go

  1. Cut a circle of about 20cm in diameter out of the cardboard. This doesn’t need to be exact, since it won’t be visible afterwards. Place the tall bottle of baby-shampoo, are whatever you chose on the middle of the cardboard and wrap an elastic band around. Now wrap one diaper after another into a little roll, secure with another elastic band and stuff it right under the elastic wrapped around the bottle until there are two rows of diapers.
  2. The second layer of the cake will be done in the same way as the first layer, except that one row will do here.
  3. Since now only the head of the bottle still shows up, the procedure from the first two layers won’t work here as nice. Thus i tied 5 or 6 of the rolled diapers together and kinda plugged it on top. In the little gap right above the head of the bottle goes the plushie as a cake topper. Now this layer should be stable too.


  1. Now starting from the top layer of the cake, stuff additional diapers, now completely flat (not rolled up!), under the outer elastic band.
  2. With the ribbon tie a bow around every layer of the cake. The elastics may stay since they hide under the ribbon. Worst part is done here, happy decorating 🙂
  3. As a last detail comes the foil wrapping. At this point the stapler comes into play, it makes it much easier to handle the foil :-D. So place the Cake in the middle of the foil and use the stapler to fix the foil right above the cake. Hands free to ruffle the edges of the foil and tie some additional bows.
    Tadaa, that’s it 🙂 Hope you like it.

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