The (emperor)blog’s new clothes and a flashback

I wanted to be a little more active on the blog and i didn’t like the old layout anymore anyway so i decided to try a fresh start with a new layout and a new name. And also with a new kind of post, a small flashback of the past 2-3 weeks, since i like to read this kind of post on other blogs.

Read “the host” by Stephenie Meyer. Unfortunately i don’t find the time to read books to often anymore, but if i get my hands on a good book, i can’t put t away before i’m through. Last time this happened to me was with “the hunger games” and now with this book. It’s thrilling from the first to the last sentence.
It’s sience fiction. It’s a love story. But first of all it’s about life, survival and the meaning of beeing human.
Sonnenaufgang an der Ruhr Winterleuchten im Westfalenpark ADAC Supercross

Visited The “Winterleuchten” (like ‘Winterlights’) in Westfalenpark. Three times already, since it’s so nice for taking photographs :-). And as (almost) every year the ADAC Supercross Show. Normally I don’t watch sports, but hey, this is all about motorcycles!! And the jumps they do close to the end are really breathtaking.

Watched Finding Neverland. A really beautiful, imaginative, lovely film about James M. Barrie finding neverland and creating Peter Pan.

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