Adventure hungarian cooking: Csirkepaprikás

Recently, I laid hands on a new book. The title “A Magyar Nemzeti Szakácskönyv” translates to “The Hungarian National Cookbook”. It’s a reprint of a really old hungarian cookbook covering 482 pages of recipes – no images. Additionally, the book is hungarian. If you want to cook one of it’s recipes – first of all you’ll have to translate it. Whether that worked out or not, you’ll eventually realize afterwards.

Markus’s idea therefore: Why not try cooking through the book and recording my experiences in a video-log?
So, the book is hungarian, alone the index takes 34 pages and the book is text-only – no images.
Crazy idea — so why not give it a try? 😀

But have a look for yourself – with the kind assistance of the troublemaker – here my first VLog:

Recipe: ‘Csirkepaprikás’

Csirkepaprikás is hungarian and means as much as chicken with paprika. Chicken ragout with paprika is what you would prepare with this recipe.

Ingredients for 4 persons

800g chicken breast fillet
200g sour cream
2 onions
paprika, salt


Wash the meat and cut it into nice pieces. Heat up oil in a large pot and stew the finely chopped onions and the paprika for about a minute. Than add the meat and a finger twist of salt. Now let it stew with occasionally stirring until the meat cooks in it’s own juice. Now add the sour cream and let boil up again for a minute.

Bottom line:

The recipe asks for only few ingredients, it’s really easy to prepare and tasty. It also is forgiving about the amount of paprika – I only realized afterwards that the recipe spoke of only one pinch X-D
So all in all, nice recipe – I surely will cook this one again.

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    • Bin dran!! Hab jetzt 8 Versuche Quarkstrudel (Túrós rétes) hinter mir X-) ich bin noch nicht zufrieden :-] gib mir noch was 😀

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